Bringing Web3 features to Social Media

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Kepple is a Layer 2 crypto community-driven solution on the BNB Chain to Social Media platforms, bringing Web3 features in an All-In-One extension

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    Ready to use Web3 features on Web2 social media platforms

Every Web3 tool you wanted in one place

Kepple will provide you with a web2 to web3 transformation tool with a potential outreach of billions of users

Is there any feature you’d like to see? Join KeppleDAO soon

  • KeppleWallet


    Your Keys, Your Coins: connect your MetaMask or WalletConnect compatible wallet like TrustWallet on KeppleWallet’s browser extension

  • Price Charts

    Price Charts

    Tired of switching tabs or windows? Follow the price of your coins live on Twitter

  • Built-in NFT support

    Built-in NFT support

    On-chain support of NFTs as avatars

  • Crypto Tips

    Crypto Tips

    Use your KeppleWallet to send crypto to your friends.

  • To Reward or To Be Rewarded

    To Reward or To Be Rewarded

    Are you an emerging project or a KOL and want to engage with your community to distribute crypto rewards fairly to followers completing tasks? Do it easily with Kepple.

  • Built-in Trading Tools

    Built-in Trading Tools

    Swap your tokens on the go!

  • File transfer

    File transfer

    Decentralised File Sharing Storage blockchain services to be built-in!


KeppleDAO aims to bring the most versatile all-in-one web3 extension for Twitter and other platforms by providing core decision-taking power to, and only to, the community holders of $KPL

You can make a proposal by submitting a Kepple Improvement Proposal (KIP). And everyone has the potential to vote for your KIP

How does it work?

Once a proposal is sent, the community can discuss, provide feedback and, if it receives enough interest, the voting is enabled. Hodl $KPL, vote, and if the proposal passes, the council will bring it to light.

Kepple contributors on either tech and non-tech areas bringing KIPs to light will be rewarded. Wait for our rewarding program!

  • Submission
  • Sponsorship
  • Voting Period
  • Grace Period
  • Processing
  • Execution

Staking incentives

Community $KPL holders do not only get governance rights but also have the chance to earn staking incentives.

24,000,000 $KPL are allocated until March 2028 for staking.

Staking incentives

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